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Elastic Cold Wrap Bandage -FC29111

Production Introduction:

Elastic Cord Wrap Bandages
Materials: 64% cotton, 34% polymide, 2% elasthane
Color: Blue, Beige, Green.
Width:7.5cm, 10cm or customized.
Length: 3.2m, 3.5m or customized.
Elasticity: 1:2


1. Effective cold therapy form any conditions such as bruises, inflammations, sprains strains and sport injuries
2. Pain relief second
3. Keep cool for hours cold elastic bandage
4. No refrigeration necessary
5. Easy to use

How to use?

1. Open package
2. Take bandage out of package cold elastic bandage
3. Wrap around injured area by 50% extension
4. Cold bandage application is recommended for 20 minutes each time, with intervals of 1to 2 hours, within the first 6-8 hours, following the sport injuries and traumas.