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About Us

Shanghai LEVAH International Trading Co.,Ltd.

Major Products: Animal Breeding Equipment, Electric Fence, Veterinary Instruments, Equine Supplies

Applications: Agriculture,  Farm & Ranch , Animal Husbandry, Electric Fence

Location:  Shanghai, China.

Founded: in 2017

Unified Social Credit Code: 91310115MA1H986X3N

Overseas Market:  Europe, Asia, Mideast, Africa, North America, Australia etc.

Number of Customers: 100+ members from over 30 countries

Customization: Accepted

We Have Already Sold To The Following Countries & Regions
Europe Germany, France, UK, Ireland, Hungary, Poland, Netherland, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine
North America USA, Canada
South America & Caribbean Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador
Asia & Oceania Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan
Middle East Saudi Arabia, UAE
Africa Algeria, South Africa