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We ensures the product with good quality, sufficient quantity and diversification...

Accept Customization

We have experienced designing team, for some products, we accept the customization, such as the insulator, bandage, etc....

Global Sales

We sold worldwide, our products are widely exported to a lot of countries in the world, mainly exported to Europe...

10 Years of experience.

Focus on Agriculture, Electric Fence...







Latest Products

Animal Breeding and Health, Electric Fence, Farm Supplies

500ml Veterinary Drenching Gun -CD240244

60ml Veterinary Plastic Drenching Gun -CD240221

500ml Veterianry Syringe Dispenser -VC2405271

Harms Style Bull Holder -BM324504

Leg Band with double buckles -LB255131

Ear Tag Marking Pen -EP804012

Hoof Trimmer -FC324615

Ear Tag Pen -EP627010

300ml Veterinary Drenching Gun -CD240243

200ml Veterinary Drenching Gun -CD240242

carbon fiber infrared heating element -IR34305

2mm electric fence poly wire 3*0.15mm -PW40130

Cow Pregnancy Test Paper -PT72401

Pig Pregnancy Test Paper -PT72402

Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope -VS32709

Single Head Stethoscope -VS32707

Double Head Stethoscope -VS32708

30ml Veterinary Drench Gun -CD240030

50ml Veterinary Drench Gun -CD240050

100ml Veterinary Drench Gun -CD240100

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