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We ensures the product with good quality, sufficient quantity and diversification...

Accept Customization

We have experienced designing team, for some products, we accept the customization, such as the insulator, bandage, etc....

Global Sales

We sold worldwide, our products are widely exported to a lot of countries in the world, mainly exported to Europe...

10 Years of experience.

Focus on Agriculture, Electric Fence...







Latest Products

Animal Breeding and Health, Electric Fence, Farm Supplies

Hand Push Type Mist Fan -357.010

DC48V 5L Electrostatic Hand-held fogger -MT002

DC48V 3.8L 2-in-1 Electric Fogger & Blower -LFB03.01

DC48V 8L Fogger дастӣ -LFB02.02

AC220V 8L Hand-held Fogger -LFB02.01

1.3L Cordless Electrostatic Fogger -MT001

Иммобилизатори чорво -CM613183

Майса барои диски туя -FC354143

200мл байторӣ Drenching Ган -CD240242

Мошини буридани туф -FC354271

Grinding Plate -FC354012

Мошини буридани туф -FC354282

Суфтакунандаи кунҷӣ -FC354200

Мошини буридани туф -FC354243

Мошини буридани туф -FC354281

Майса барои диски туя -FC354141

300мл байторӣ Drenching Ган -CD240243

500мл байторӣ Drenching Ган -CD240244

Мошини буридани туф -FC354242

Hoof Trimming Machine -FC354261

Скрепер арақи -HG341202

Leg Band with double buckles -LB255131

Майса барои диски туя -FC354168

Майса барои диски туя -FC354147

Мошини буридани туф -FC354241

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