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How can we assure the quality?

We Assure The Quality By The Following:


1. Factory audit, take the pictures of the production line at spot, make the audit report. This factory audit service verifies the capability of a manufacturer to meet contract conditions for quality, quantity and delivery terms.


2. Our standard quality control process.


3. we signed the formal contract with the factory, which list the full specification of the product, including what materials should be used, life span, etc. we have a regular legal counsel can help us that the contract can be executed correctly. (this is important for us source from the new supplier and deal with some uncooperative factory). if the factory breach the contract and refuse the cooperation, our legal counsel can launch the legal procedure immediately, so as to guarantee the interest of our customer as soon as possible.


4. we sealed some samples after the inspection of each batch of product, in order that when the problem is founded by our customer during use(not being founded by our QC, such as the functional defect, something can not be founded during the inspection.), we have the evidence to help our customer to protect their interest.