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Animal Marking Crayon -EM28814


Animal Marking Wax Crayon
Gross weight: 102g, net weight: 82g.
Plastic shell or paper shell.
Regular color: red, blue, green, black, yellow, orange, etc.
MOQ for regular color: 1500 pieces/color.
MOQ for other color: 3000 pieces/color.



1. For quick marking of sheep, pigs, calves etc.
2. well tried for decades.
3. in plastic twist-up holder.
4. stands out among other markers for its high quality.
5. these markers come in a twistable plastic dispenser with cap to help keep hands and clothes clean.
6. highly visible, long lasting, and weather and fade resistant.
7. will mark wet and dry animals.
8. long lasting for 7 days.
9. Non-toxic to the skin of animals



Paper Paint Stick:


Plastic Marking Stick: