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Animal Injectable Capsule Micro Chip Syringe -Z05


Item Name Electronic tags
Place of Origin China
Brand Name OEM
Model Number Z05-1.4     Z05-2.12      Z05-1.25
Chip EM4305
Material PVC/Bioglass
Color OEM
Application Animal Identification
Chip Protocol FDX-B
Chip Frequency 134.2Khz、125Khz
Chip Size 1.4X8mm , 2.12X12mm , 1.25X7mm
Reading Standard ISO11784/5
Single Package Size 8.2 x 17cm, with a chip and 8 bar code stickers



Different Syringe and Chip size for option:

Syringe Size: 2.12*12mm Size: 1.4*8mm Size: 1.25*7mm
Z00 Z00-2.12 Z00-1.4 Z00-1.25
Z01 Z01-2.12 Z01-1.4 Z01-1.25
Z05 Z05-2.12 Z05-1.4 Z05-1.25



The difference between Z01 and Z05:

For Z01 microchip syringe, the needle can be dismantled.
For Z05 microchip syringe, the needle can not be dismantled.