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Max. 275W E27 Infrared Heat Lampshade -LS802215B

Product Introduction:

Wholesale Max. 275W E27 Infrared Heat Lamp Covers aluminum lampshade Gold color

1. For maximum 275W infrared lamp, good quality.
2. Size: diameter: 21.5cm, Height: 32cm.
3. Lamp holder: E27 ceramic lamp holder,  aluminum alloy lamp holder, better heat dissipation and longer service life.
4. Lampshade: aluminum alloy materials, good heat dissipation.
5. Wire: 2*0.75mm2, length: 2.5m
6. Net cover: made of 2.0mm steel wire, galvanized surface
7. 2.5m cable + 2m chain + 3 way switch (100%, 60%, and off)

Matters needing attention:
1. Please install and fix it and use it again
2. Do not dismantle the lampshade
3. Please ensure that the distance between livestock and flammable objects is above 60 centimeters.
4. Do not use an object to shield the heating lamp

Product Name
Infrared Bulb Lampshade
2.5m cable + 2m chain + 3 way switch (100%, 60%, and off)
max. 275W
Type of Lamp-house
Product Keywords
Infrared Bulb Lampshade

Packing And Delivery: