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Calf Dyspnea Rescue Tool -CF720031

Product Introduction:

Calf Dyspnea Rescue Tool Food Grade Material Breathing Pump Calf Breathe Helper Calves Rebreather Breathing Tools.

This product is mainly used for emergency rescue of respiratory dysfunction in newborn calves, timely assisting calf breathing and standing, and reducing calf mortality.




Material: food grade aluminum alloy + food grade PP
Product name: Calf respirator
Product color: blue
material: plastic
Specification: 43.5*15.8*9cm
Quality: about 750g
Applicable objects: cattle, assist calf breathing, standing.




1. The piston is resistant to low temperature, does not become hard and does not deform, guarantees the transmission of standard air volume, and ensures the normal use of low temperature environment
2. The upper and lower breathing bowls are made of food-grade materials, which are safe, hygienic and healthy.



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