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50ml Veterinary Plastic Steel Syringe with Graduation on Piston Rod VP240304-050

50ml Veterinary Plastic Steel Syringe with graduation on piston rod
Model Number: VP240304-50
with graduation on barrel.
with luer lock adaptor
Ergonomic design, reusable.
Accuracy :50ml: 1-50ml
Piston rod with engraved scale;
High quality materials: Material: Poly 4-methyl-pentene (TPX) or Polycarbonate (PC)
color of plastic piston, cover and handle are favorable;
Transparent barrel with engraved scale or transparent scale are favorable;
Sterilized by boiled water .
Graduated Piston Rod.

Graduation on Piston Rod

Embedded Measurement Markings Outside of the Barrel
With Dosing Ring

With Luder-lock Adapter

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