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Electric Fence Pigtail Post with power coated surface –PS10301~03


Model Rod Diameter Materials Surface Treatment
PS10301 6mm Spring Steel Power Coated
PS10302 7mm Spring Steel Power Coated
PS10303 8mm Spring Steel Power Coated

1. Diameter: 6mm, 7mm, 8mm
2. Made from  spring steel with powder-coated surface. also can be made of Q235 steel or hot dipped galvanized steel.
3. High grade plastic with UV-protection.
4. The height from the foot stepping to the top of post is 87 cm , Total height: 106 cm , the length can be customized.
5. Welding at both sides.

The Difference Between Q235 And Spring Steel.
Materials Q235 Spring Steel
Cost cheap high
Elasticity after Bending almost no elasticity good elasticity
Hardness soft hard


Electric Fence Post in Different Length:





Packing And Delivery: