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Veterinary Continuous Drencher 10ml 20ml 30ml 50ml -240241

Veterinary Continuous Drencher, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml.
1. Plastic steel
2. Accuracy : 10ml: 1-10ml continuous and adjustable, 20ml: 1-20ml continuous and adjustable, 30ml: 1-30ml continuous and adjustable, 50ml: 5-50ml continuous and adjustable.
3. Sterilization : -30°C-120°C
4. Easy of operation Unbreakable plastic barrel with spare pipe & needle.



  1. Before to use the drencher, please rotate and take down the parts of barrel, disinfect the drencher (syringe) by liquid or boiling water (High-pressure steam sterilization is strictly prohibited), then assemble and put the fluid-suction hose on the water-sucking joint , let the hose joint with fluid-suction needle .
  2. Adjusting the adjusting nut to the required dose
  3. Put the fluid-suction needle into the liquid bottle, push and pull the small handle to remove the air which is in the barrel and tube, then suck the liquid.
  4. If it can’t suck the liquid, please check the parts of the drencher and make sure they are installed correctly. Ensure that the valve is clear enough, if there are some debris, please remove them and re-assemble the drencher. Also you can change the parts if they are damaged
  5. When to use it in injection way, just change the drenching tube into the syringe head.
  6. Remember to lubricate the O-ring piston by the olive oil or cooking oil after you have used it for a long time.
  7. After using the drencher, put the fluid-suction needle into the fresh water, repeated sucking the water to flushing the residual liquid until the barrel is cleared enough, then dry it.