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CE FDA Approved No Chew Veterinary Cohesive Bandage Wrap -FC30105

Product Introduction:

This No Chew Veterinary Cohesive Bandage Wrap is with the bittering agent, so this Bandage with a bitter taste, which can reduce the risk of the animal bittering the dressing. Used for veterinary hospitals and clinics, farms, hoof trimmers, animal shelters, claw trimming , tripping , horse racing, etc.

Item No. Specification Rolls/Inner Box Rolls/Carton Carton Size
BD30105-025 2.5cm x 450cm 24 288 55 x 43 x 21 cm
BD30105-050 5.0cm x 450cm 12 144 55 x 43 x 21 cm
BD30105-075 7.5cm x 450cm 12 144 55 x 43 x 29 cm
BD30105-100 10cm x 450cm 12 144 55 x 43 x 36 cm

Packing and Delivery:


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