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Chargeable Electric Livestock Prodder with LED Torch -SP612330


Electric Livestock Prodder Handle made of ABS materials, with long-lasting rechargeable battery and maintenance-free motor (permanently sealed),Features unique circuit system to transmit strong and instantaneous jolts, a button clip and built-in safety lock to prohibit accidental surprises, and a rating of IP46 to protect against dirt and strong jets of water from all direction. Built-in LED torch delivers consistent, superior performance in all of conditions. Standard fiberglass shaft 32” for your available.

Battery Capacity: 10000mAh, 4.2V.
Working Period: 8 hours per charge.
Working cycle: 14400 shocks per charge.
Charging time: around 5 hours
Certificate: CE, TUV
Output: Transient Voltage: >8000V
Output Current: <5mA/s

Operating Instruction:
1. Wrap strap around your wrist.
2. Swift to “ON” position.
3. Press trigger
4. Make contact with animals
5. Release trigger
6. Switch to “OFF” position.

The Handle Can Work With Different Shaft:


More Pictures: