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Chargeable Electric Livestock Prodder -SP612250



Electric Livestock Prod is Ergonomic design with permanently sealed motor. Eliminating accidental shocks, safety clip prohibits harmful surprises. Solid-state electronic system delivers consistent, superior performance. The highest output releases a strong and instantaneous jolt, but with the least amount of power to keep the prod more durable. New charge-up mode, a pin hole was attached to charge the battery up, not slipping up the battery. Rigid fiberglass 32” is Included.

Battery Capacity: 7000mAh
Working Period: 8-10 hours per charge.
Working cycle: 14400 – 18000 times.
Charging time: 4.5-5 hours
Certificate: CE, TUV
Output: Transient Voltage: >8000V
Output Current: <5mA/s

Operating Instruction:
1. Wrap strap around your wrist.
2. Swift to “ON” position.
3. Press trigger
4. Make contact with animals
5. Release trigger
6. Switch to “OFF” position.

The Handle Can Work With Different Shaft:


More Pictures: