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Dairy Cattle Fan -421.900/1000/1100/1220


Dairy Cattle Fan

Type Diameter of blades Rated voltage Motor rotational speed


Input power Noise decibels Height Width Thickness
421.900 750mm 380v 540 550W ≤70 900mm 900mm 300mm
421.1000 900mm 380v 540 550W ≤70 1000mm 1000mm 300mm
421.1100 1000mm 380v 540 550W ≤70 1100mm 1100mm 310mm
421.1220 1100mm 380v 540 750W ≤70 1220mm 1220mm 320mm


  1. The motor is directly connected to the fan blade, making the power transmission of the motor more efficient.
  2. The connection is stronger. Since there is no belt wear, and it is more convenient to use.
  3. The intermediate link of power transmission is effectively reduced, which makes the operation more stable, and make the effective air volume is larger.