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Hanging Exhaust Fan -421.1124/1126/1220


Hanging Exhaust Fan


  1. Equiped with 4 fan blades. Fan blade is made of mirror stainless steel by punch forming. Large air volume, non-deformation, non-dust, attractive and durable.
  2. Fan blades are adjusted by intelligent dynamic-balance tester to ensure the fan with smooth running, lower vibration, less noise and to increase stability&service life.
  3. Motors with aluminum-magnesium alloy housing, good heat emission, high efficiency, reasonable dimension, light weight, low current, big torque.
Type Diameter of blades Rated voltage Motor rotational speed


Input power Air flow Height Width Thickness
421.1124 1000mm 380v 730 410W 19800m3 1120mm 1120mm 310mm
421.1126 1000mm 380v 560 550W 24500m3 1120mm 1120mm 310mm
421.1220 1100mm 380v 560 750W 32500m3 1220mm 1220mm 330mm