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4 Grids Piglet Feeding Through -732.101

4 Grids Piglet Feeding Through

Efficient Breeding

Practical, Convenient, Labor-saving



  1. Durable and not easy to damage with carefully selected materials.
  2. Snap screws fixed firmly on the back are for easy installation and use.
  3. Smooth and flat surface makes it not to scratch the mouth which causes bleeding, infection and inflammation.
  4. Convenient feeding with large opening. Feeding can be easily completed which saves time.
  5. Easy to clean with simple structure, which makes it avoid accumulating dirt and being harmful to health.
  6. Separated grids design makes it avoid crowding which affect eating in concentrated feeding.
Product Name Four Grids Piglet Feeding Through 732.101
Material Polypropylene
Type Four Grids
Usage Can be used for daily feeding of piglets
Features Material thickened, convenient feeding, high capacity
Size Length46 x width16.5 x height13cm