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Portable Animals Uterus Cleaner -727.401

Portable Animals Uterus Cleaner

Capacity: 500ml

Purpose: Drug cleaning treatment for various uterine diseases of female animals

Applicable targets: pig, cattle, sheep, dog


Product feature:

  1.  500ML large-capacity liquid storage bottle, which leads to more thorough flushing.
  2.  It is equipped with a one-meter extension tube, which can be directly extended into other containers for flushing.
  3.  Multi-functional connectors, can be connected to a variety of cleaning tubes on the market, so that one device can be used for multiple purposes.
  4.  The suction pipe of the body is equipped with a gravity ball, which can be used in multiple angles.
  5.  Ergonomic handle makes it more labor-saving.
  6.  Accurate capacity scale makes the amount of cleaning fluid used is clearly visible.