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Product Introduction And Application

The body of the R125 infrared heat lamp is made of high borosilicate hard glass, which is totally different from the glass used for common infrared heat lamp, the high borosilicate hard glass is with higher hardness, better anti-seismic performance and better heat resistance,the colour temperature is 2000~2200K, the average life is 5000 hours, This infrared heat lamp can convert the electric energy to the infrared thermal as much as possible. In terms of quality control and management, we passed the ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification, as well as CE certificate, the full inspection of every production processes has being carried out. Currently, the available power includes 100W/150W/175W/200W/250W/275W, the available voltage is 110~240V, also we can make according to your requirement.

This R125 infrared heat lamp is widely used for animal husbandry rasing, cosmetics & grooming, medical care, specially for the livestock incubation. The panel heating system of the R125 infrared heat lamp is more effective and save the heating cost in the farm in the winter. Compared with the other heating system, the R125 infrared heat lamp has some advantages, such as the low cost, easily installation, and avoid air pollution in the farm. So this infrared heat lamp is widedly used home and abroad.

Heat Lamps: A Vital Tool for Effective Heat Provision

Introduction: Heat lamps, also known as IR (Infrared) heat lamps or piglet heaters, are essential devices widely used for various applications that require targeted heating. These lamps utilize infrared radiation to provide warmth efficiently and have proven to be beneficial in numerous industries. In this article, we will explore the advantages, necessity, applications, and important precautions associated with heat lamps.

Advantages of Heat Lamps:

  1. Efficient and Targeted Heat Distribution: Heat lamps emit infrared radiation, which directly heats objects and individuals within their range. This targeted heat distribution ensures optimal efficiency, as there is minimal energy wastage. Compared to conventional heating methods, such as space heaters, heat lamps provide quick and efficient warmth.
  2. Versatile Applications: Heat lamps find extensive use across diverse industries and environments. They are commonly employed in agriculture for livestock rearing, especially in pig farming, where maintaining the right temperature is crucial for piglet health and growth. Additionally, heat lamps are utilized in healthcare facilities for patient warming, in terrariums for reptile habitat heating, in industrial settings for drying or curing processes, and in various outdoor settings to provide comfort during cooler weather conditions.
  3. Customizable Heat Intensity: Modern heat lamps often come with adjustable settings, allowing users to control the heat intensity according to specific requirements. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where different temperature levels are needed for different purposes or during different stages of an application. The ability to customize the heat output ensures optimal comfort and efficient energy usage.

Necessity of Heat Lamps:

  1. Promoting Animal Welfare: In the agricultural sector, especially in pig farming, heat lamps are crucial for creating a warm environment for newborn piglets. Maintaining an appropriate temperature is vital for their survival and early development. Heat lamps provide a controlled heat source that mimics the warmth provided by a sow, ensuring piglets’ well-being.
  2. Enhancing Patient Care: Within healthcare facilities, heat lamps play a significant role in patient care, particularly in neonatal units. Premature infants and newborns require a warm and stable environment to promote their growth and development. Heat lamps offer a gentle and consistent heat source, ensuring the comfort and well-being of these vulnerable patients.
  3. Supporting Industrial Processes: Heat lamps are integral to various industrial processes that involve heating, drying, or curing. They provide an efficient and targeted heat source, enabling faster and more controlled production. Industries such as food processing, painting, printing, and textiles greatly benefit from the use of heat lamps to achieve optimal results.

Important Considerations:

  1. Safety Precautions: When using heat lamps, it is crucial to follow safety guidelines to prevent accidents and potential fire hazards. Avoid placing flammable materials near the heat lamp, ensure proper ventilation, and keep the lamp away from water sources. Additionally, always use heat lamps that are certified for the intended purpose and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and operation.
  2. Proper Placement: Positioning the heat lamp correctly is essential to maximize its effectiveness. Ensure that the lamp is securely mounted or suspended at an appropriate height and angle to provide optimal heat distribution. Consider factors such as the size of the area, the desired temperature range, and the specific requirements of the application.
  3. Regular Maintenance: To ensure the longevity and efficient operation of heat lamps, regular maintenance is necessary. Clean the lamps periodically to remove dust and debris that can hinder their performance. Check for any signs of wear or damage, and replace faulty parts or lamps promptly.

Conclusion: Heat lamps, or IR heat lamps, are invaluable tools with versatile applications in various industries. Their efficient and targeted heat distribution, customizable heat intensity, and ability to promote animal welfare, enhance patient care, and support industrial processes make them indispensable. By following important safety precautions, placing them correctly, and performing regular maintenance, heat lamps can continue to provide reliable and efficient heat provision for years to come.

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