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USD RFID Card Reader and Writer -630.105

USD RFID Card Reader and Writer

This card writer is a low-frequency reader-writer developed based on USB2.0 technology, which can support reading and writing operations on EM4305 IC cards. The reader-writer integrates the EM4305 radio frequency communication protocol, and developers only need to send simple commands through the communication interface. It can complete the reading and writing operations of the IC card without understanding the complex IC card communication protocol; detailed development documents and perfect development routines can greatly reduce the difficulty of your product development, shorten the product development cycle, and help you conveniently and quickly Integrate today’s most popular contactless IC card technology into your system.

Working frequency 134.2Khz/125Khz
Supporting label EM305,EM4100,TK4001and compatible cards
Communication interface USB2.0
Signal indication LED light, buzzer
Operating voltage 4.5V–5.5V(USB power fetching)
Operating current stand-by current 20mA, working current 100mA
Operating temperature -10℃-70℃
Size 139x100x25(mm)
operating system Microsoft Windows2000/XP/Vista/Win7