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Animal handheld RFID Microchip Reader -630.103

Animal handheld RFID Microchip Reader

The handheld reader adopts wireless reading mode and supports electronic tags in FDX-B (ISO11784/85)  and other formats. The product uses a high-brightness OLED display, which can be clearly displayed under indoor or outdoor strong light conditions. The storage function of the product can store up to 20,000 pieces of label information, and the user can read the stored information to the computer for data management through a USB data cable or a wireless connection.

It has been designed a unique encryption management system to eliminate anti-counterfeiting and fraud. It supports multiple languages at the same time, and has more functions than peers. It is suitable for animal management, traceability management, railway inspection and other asset management fields.


Working frequency 134.2Khz
Reading Standard FDX-B (ISO11784/85)
Reading/Writing distance 2x12mm glass tube label>10cm,  30mm ear tag>25cm
Signal Indication 128*64 high brightness OLED/buzzer
Data Storage: 20000 records
Communication Interface USD/Bluetooth
Weight 350g
Language Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian