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Hoof Disc with 6 Blades, 1st generation.
Disc Diameter: 120mm
Inner Hole Diameter: 22.2mm
Blades Materials: full coating of imported alloy.
Angle Grinder: 125/100
Weight: 330g.

We supply the high quality Hoof Disc with 6 Blades, 1st generation for oversea market. The product is made of aluminum alloy disc, hard processing, good rigidity, with imported alloy blade, overall coating, more sharper and double-sided replacement of the blade, double service life. The unique design of cutter base can effctively reduce the vibration of repairing hoof. The number of holes increases, heat dissipation is fast. and the progress of repairing shoes can be observed. Meanwhile, cutting surface increased by 50%, it greatly improves the efficiency of foot trimming. Welcome your inquiry!

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Hoof Disc with 6 Blades, 1st generation