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Veterinary Suture Needles, Vet Suture Needles, Types of Veterinary Suture Needles, China Supplier

Veterinary Suture Needles.
1. Consistent and easy bites during repeated passage through tissues
2. Less trauma to patients during penetration of the needle
3. Drilled end needles in 420 series & 300 series length 6 mm to 170 mm
4. Needle shape: straight, ski(1/2curved), J shape, 1/4circle, 3/8circle, 1/2circle, compound curve,
5. 5/8circle
6. Needle point: round bodied(taper), blunt taper, curved cutting, reverse cutting, tapercut, micro-reverse cutting, micro-point spatula curved
7. Needle End: regular eye, drilled-end
8. with regard to tolerances:
hole diameter :-0.01mm~+0.02mm
wire diameter: -0.15mm~+0.02mm
9. Tolerances of needle length
0~12mm ±0.50mm
12~25mm ±0.80mm
25~50mm ±1.20mm
50mm and larger ±1.50mm
10. with regard to the hole depth:
the minimum depth: 1.2mm (the hole diameter :0.20mm~0.30mm)
the minimum depth: 1.5mm (the hole diameter :0.31mm~0.45mm)
the minimum depth: 1.8mm (the hole diameter :0.46mm and more)

We supply the high quality Veterinary Suture Needles for the oversea market. Veterinary Suture Needles are manufactured from fine true tempered stainless steel and undergo a heat-treating process which gives you greater strength and dependability. Excellent material, fine workmanship, strong and not easy to break. High cost performance, it’s a common tool for aniaml husbandry and veterinary surgery suture! The needle body can be bent many times and still continue, durable. Welcome your inquiry!

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Veterinary Suture Needles