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Scalpel Handles, Scalpel Handle no 4, Scalpel Handle with Blade, China Supplier

Product Introduction:
scalpel handles 4#, 3#
made of stainless steel.
Surgical Knife Handle      Length      For Operating Blade
3#                                         12.5 cm     10,11,12,15
4#                                         14 cm         20,21,22,23,24,25

We supply the high quality Scalpel Handles for oversea market. These scalpel handles are made of high carbon stainless steel, provide a strong grip. High Polished thick metal handle durable and comfortable to use. Created with Superior craftmanship, with high degree of precision and flexibility for smooth. Scalpel handle No. 4 is designed ergonomically, hand precise fingertip control required for hand surgery and other delicate cutting along curved lines or dissection. The High Quality Stainless Steel assure a rust proof handle. Welcome your inquiry!

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Scalpel Handles