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Obstetric Forceps, Veterinary Obstetrics Forceps, Obstetrical Forceps for Pigs, China Supplier

Production Introduction:
Obstetric Forceps
Made of stainless steel.
Total length: 46.5cm
net weight: 0.5kgs.

We supply the high quality Obstetric Forceps for oversea market. This forceps supports the birth of piglets and lambs. With the forceps, which is placed around the head of the piglet or lamb, any piglet or lamb can be pulled out, which are made of selected stainless steel material for durable use and U-shaped hook design reduces damage to sows. The blade of the forceps is concave, easy to use and reduce pain. The use of assisted delivery forceps can improve the survival rate and reduce disease infection. Welcome your inquiry!

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Obstetric Forceps