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Cow Magnet, Round Alnico Magnet, Round Ferrite Magnet, China Supplier

Round Alnico Magnet for Cow Stomach: D19 x 75mm
Round Ferrite Magnet for Cow Stomach: D13.7 x 75mm
1. features five powerful ceramic magnets
2. strategically assembled with power-enhancing pole pieces.
3. Stronger, durable and heavy.
4. Magnets easily stay in position.
5. Master magnets.

We supply the Round Alnico Magnet and Round Ferrite Magnet for oversea market. The Round Alnico Magnet is made of corrosion-resistant Al-Ni-Co magnets. And the Round Ferrite Magnet is made of ferrite magnets. Both of them are eco-friendly permanent magnet that remove iron components from a cow or cattle’s body, to protect the body of the cow and avoid the internal organs from being scratched by iron plates or nails. They are non-toxic and non-corrosive in use. Welcome your inquiry!

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