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Cow Magnet, Cow Magnet Bolus, Round Alnico Magnet for Cow Stomach, China Supplier

Dimension: D19 x 75mm
1. features five powerful ceramic magnets
2. strategically assembled with power-enhancing pole pieces.
3. Stronger, durable and heavy.
4. Magnets easily stay in position.
5. Master magnets.

We supply the high quality Round Alnico Magnet for Cow Stomach for oversea market. Round Alnico Magnet for Cow Stomach is made of corrosion-resistant Al-Ni-Co magnets. Bright metal finish, rounded ends that has been the favorite of dairymen and veterinarians to prevent Hardware Disease in cattle. Solid, seamless, smooth, cylinder shape with rounded ends, magnetized completely from tip to tip. Welcome your inquiry!

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Round Alnico Magnet for Cow Stomach