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Stainless Steel Pig Nipple Drinker, Pig Drinking Nipple, Pig Nipple Water Drinker,China Supplier

Product Introduction:
1/2″ Pig Nipple Drinker
Made of stainless steel
For water pipe: 1/2″(20mm)

We supply the high quality Stainless Steel Pig Nipple Drinker for oversea market. This water drinker nipple is made of stainless Steel, rust-proof and corrosion resistant. The Stainless Steel filtering screen can effectively filter out the debris and sediment, providing clean and fresh water for pigs, which can effectively prevent pollutants and particles in the water from entering the drinking water system, make sure pigs drink clean water, keep the drinking water terminal clean, and reduce diseases of water quality. Welcome your inquiry!

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Stainless Steel Pig Nipple Drinker