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Ear Tag Pen, Ear Tag Marking Pen, Ear Tag Marker Pen, China supplier

Ear Tag Pen
water proof, non fading, permanent ink, coloring fast.
special ink penetrates deep into the tag for long lasting legibility.
Pump tip until ink flows.
a heavy ink deposit is necessary for prolonged number life.
tip will be dry if not recapped immediately, when not in use, make sure the cap is firmly sealed.
Used for: pig, sheep, cattle, cow, etc.

We supply the high qualty ear tag pen for oversea market. The lid type marker is not easy to get your hands dirty and is convenient for multiple use.The shell is made of plastic, small and lightweight, easy to carry and store.Used to identify animal ear tag numbers, suitable for cattle, sheep, horses, donkeys, pigs, mules, etc. Welcome your inquiry!

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Ear Tag Pen