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Rechargeable Dehorner, Rechargeable Calf Dehorner, Cordless Calf Dehorner, China supplier

1. Integrated microprocessor technology featuring constant heat and time control.
2. Instant heat, very short warm-up time.
3. Quick-an average speed of 8 seconds per horn.
4. Safe for operator to use because there is no naked flame and the ventilation inlet deflects the heat away from your hand.
5. Portable, possible to dehorn and debud in the field, in pens and in barns.
6. Comes with 3 ceramic tips (heating wires included), 1 hex key (for removing the head), 1battery charger and 1 12V car charger

We supply the high quality rechargeable dehorner for oversea market. This high quality rechargeable dehorner is suitable for cattle, easy to operate. hand-held design, comfortable use and easy operation. no bleeding, small trauma, safe and easy to use. Welcome your inquiry!

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Rechargeable Dehorner