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Piglet Tail Docker with transformer
Model: 613.182
During tail docking, the tails of newborn piglets are burnt off and by this the vessels close simultaneously. Pathogens cannot penetrate when the vessels are sealed immediately. Generally, tails are docked to a length of 2 – 3 cm. The reason for tail docking is to avoid cannibalism among pigs that might take place if tails remain long during rearing and fattening.

Heating Time:
ready to use in less than one minute
suitable for continual operation
approx. 700°C operating temperature
Spare Part
adjustable spacer for uniform tail lengths

We supply the piglet tail docker with transformer for export, this piglet tail docker is an electronic instrument used for docking the tails of newborn piglets, the hot knife will remove the tail as required and cauterize the wound at the same time, reducing the incidence of infection.

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piglet tail docker
piglet tail docker