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Electric Fence Polyrope
Model: 401.401
Diameter: 6 mm.
Package: plastic roll
Specification: UV, 6 x 0.40mm Stainless Steel wire
Length: 200m

materials type: stainless steel #304A
wire standard: GB4240-2007
dimension: 0.40mm (±0.03mm)

materials type: HDPE round monofilament UV stabilized.
dimension: 1000 Denier [0.32mm]
color: white and red

We manufacture the electric fence polyrope for export to Europe, Australia and North America markets,  the electric fence polyrope made of 100% virgin polyethylene with high grade UV inhibitor and high grade stainless teel strands for the highest bending strength and super conductivity. the polyrope can be customized if required, also small order quantity is acceptable. welcome your inquiry.

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Electric Fence Poly rope
Electric Fence Poly rope