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PVC tarpaulin exporters
Heavy duty tarpaulins are made in PVC coated polyester tarpaulin fabric due to its excellent strength, durability and water resistant properties, these tarpaulins are the strongest ready made tarpaulins we offer, heavy duty tarpaulin is extremely tough, durable, UV resistant and 100% waterproof.
Material: 100% Polyester yarn with PVC Coating
Color: Any color are available
Weight: 500gsm ~ 850gsm
Thickness: 0.30mm~0.62mm
Can be with or without steel rope
The eyelet is made of hot dipped galvanised steel.
Size: made to measure

We are the PVC tarpaulin exporters in China and export to Germany, the most type we sold is 620 gsm PVC coated tarpaulin, color: RAL 5026, with hot dipped galvanized steel eyelets, We can help to design the different PVC tarps. for example, the rectangle, pentagon,etc. with or withour steel rope and hooks, etc. weclome your inquiry!

PVC tarpaulin exporters
PVC tarpaulin exporters

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PVC tarpaulin manufacturer
PVC tarpaulin manufacturer