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insulated fence strainer,fence strainer ratchet,fence tightener, China factory manufacturer supplier

Porcelain insulated ratchet strainer
Model: 103.405
Electric Fence Porcelain Insulated Wire Ratchet Strainer
The strainer are usable for all styles of fencing.
easy to operate upside down
aluminum alloy gear, hot dipped galvanized steel ribbed frame, steel clip.
with porcelain insulator.

PBT insulated ratchet strainer
Model: 103.401
Aluminum alloy gear, hot dipped galanised steel ribbed frame, steel wire clip.
With PBT insulator.

We manufacture the high quality PBT insulated ratchet strainer and porcelain insulated ratchet strainer for export to Europe, the gear is made of aluminum alloy, better than the just aluminum, the gear can be black zinc plated to improve the anti-rust performance. we have 15 years of experiene in making this insulated ratchet strainer, welcome your inquiry, thank you!

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PBT insulated ratchet strainer
PBT insulated ratchet strainer