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Pigtail fencing brackets,pigtail treadin post,pigtail posts, China factory manufacturer

pigtail posts
Diameter: 6mm, 7mm, 8mm
Made from Q235 steel or spring steel with powder-coated surface.
High grade plastic with UV-protection.
The height from the foot stepping to the top of post is 87 cm , Total height: 106 cm , the length can be customized.
welding at both sides for longest life.

we manufacturer the high quality pigtail posts at reason price for export to Europe, North America and Australia. specially, the hose is made of combination of HDPE and LLDPE with highest grade of UV-protection for longest service life, proven after-production treatment to the hose to release tension inside. The power coating surface is high grade PET powder-coating. besides, the stepping part is 2 sides weld, not just 1 side, because this is spring steel is brittle, the 2 sides welding is much more strong.

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Pigtail fencing brackets
Pigtail fencing brackets