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Electric Livestock Prodder with chargeable battery.
Model: 612.250
Battery Capacity: 7000mAh
Working Period: 8-10 hours per charge.
Working cycle: 14400 – 18000 times.
Charging time: 4.5-5 hours
Certificate: CE, TUV
Output: Transient Voltage: >8000V
Output Current: <5mA/s

We manufacture the electric livestock prodder, the electric livestock prodder Handle made of ABS materials, with long-lasting rechargeable battery and maintenance-free motor (permanently sealed),Features unique circuit system to transmit strong and instantaneous jolts, a button clip and built-in safety lock to prohibit accidental surprises, and a rating of IP46 to protect against dirt and strong jets of water from all direction. Built-in LED torch delivers consistent, superior performance in all of conditions. Standard fiberglass shaft 32” for your available.

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electric livestock prodder
electric livestock prodder