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Pig sorting panels, pig driving board,pig sorting panel board,China factory supplier

Pig sorting panels.
materials: polyethylene
Features: anti-erode, more resistant to high temperature.
Usage: move animals with ease.
Rounded hand grips on the top and side.
small size,  76 cm x 46 cm x 3.15 cm.
medium size, 94 cm x 76 cm x 3.15 cm.
large size, 120 cm x 76 cm x 3.15 cm.

we export the pig sorting panels worldwide in super quality and reasonable price, the pig sorting panel is made from tough polypropylene, tough, stiff and durable with 2 comfortable rounded hand grip on the top and side, this pig driving board is suitable for moving animals at ease. the robost pig driving board is proved to be easy on animal management, and also easily cleanned.

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pig moving board
pig moving board