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cattle weight tape, beef cattle weight tape,calf weight bands, China supplier

Pig Cattle Weight Measure Tape.
Thickness: 13mm
Width: 50mm
Length: 2500mm
Made of PVC plastic.

We supply the beef cattle weighting tape, this weight tape, the beef cattle weight tape used for measuring the beef cattle (live weight), pigs(dead weight) and dairy cattle (live weight).
For beef cattle, the live weigh range is 268 kgs~ 1080 kgs.
For dairy cattle, the live weight range is 35 kgs ~ 1000 kgs.
For pig, the dead weight range is 41 kgs ~ 201 kgs.
It is very easy to use, as there are marks on both sides, cm on one side and the cm & kg on the other side, meanwhile it contains 2 tables, one table is for pig’s girth weight, the other table is for girth and weight of cattle.

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