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pigtail steel fence post,pigtail step-in fence post,steel pigtail posts, China factory manufacturer supplier

Electric Fence Spring Steel Pigtail Posts
Model: 103.20
Diameter: 6mm, 7mm, 8mm.
made of spring steel (or Q235)
surface treatment: power coated surface or hot dipped galvanized surface.
The height from the foot stepping to the top of post is 87 cm
Total height: 106 cm,
customized length is acceptable.
welding at both sides.

We manufacture the high quality electric fence pigtail post, the hose is made ob combination of HDPE and LLDPE with highest grade of UV protection, proven after-production treatment to the hose to release tension inside.

The power coating surface is made of higher gruade PET power-coating, the stepping part is 2 sides weld, not just 1 side, because this spring steel is brittle, the 2 sides welding is much more stron.

The hot dipped galvanized surface is much better and can be used for long time, but the cost is very high.

We export this electric fence pigtail post worldwide, also we can customize it for you if requirement, welcome your inquiry! thank you!

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pig tail electric fence posts
pig tail electric fence posts