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Retractable Tape Electric Fence Gate, Retractable Tape Gate Handle, Electric tape roller gate, China factory supplier

Retractable Tape Gate Handle
Model: 103.301
1. extend up to 6m.
2. wide rope made of polyethylen.(white or black).
3. polytape: width: 40mm, 2 reinforced hem on each sides, condcutor: 8 x 0.40 mm stainless steel.
4. for easy opening, opening without ground contact.
5. rolls back automatically when gate get opened.
6. accessories included: post or wall mount including screws and nuts

We manufacture retractable tape gate handle,  which is used for fast installation of flexible gates, polytape will restract automatically and are protected inside the housing, the 40mm polytape can be replaced by the 6mm polyrope.

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Retractable Tape Electric Fence Gate
Retractable Tape Electric Fence Gate