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do you have polytape 20mm?

We have several types of polytape 20mm

401.07 –polytape 20mm, 4×0.20mm stainless steel wire+2×0.30 stainless steel wire.
401.22 -polytape 20mm, 6×0.45mm stainless steel wire.
401.25 -polytape 20mm, 11×0.25mm stainless steel wire.
401.28 -polytape 20mm, 11 x 0.25mm stainless steel wire
401.35 -polytape 20mm, 4×0.20mm stainless steel wire + 2×0.30mm stainless steel wire.
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the polymers is made of HDPE round nonofilament with UV protection, the dimension is 1000 denier, the polyethylene can be used for long time. we supply the high quality polyrope, welcome your inquiry, thank you!

polytape 20mm
polytape 20mm