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what is pigtail step-in fence post made of?

the pigtail step-in fence post is with pigtail shape insulated loop on top of post,  the diameter of the pigtail step-in fence post can be in 6mm, 7mm and 8mm, and pigtail step-in fence post can be made of Q235 steel or spring steel. of course, the spring steel is much better, because the spring steel is in better elasticity and more hard, also high cost.

Besides, the interface treatment of the pigtail step-in fence post can be electro-galvanized steel, hot dipped galvanized steel or power coated surface. the hot dipped galvanized steel is with the best anti-rust performance, but the cost is very high.  the electro-galvanized steel is cheap, but the anti-rust performance is bad. so normally, we use the power coated surface,  the power coated surface is with good anti-rust performance and the cost is related economical.

We make the best quality pigtail step-in fence post, welcome your inquiry, thank you!

pig tail step-in post
pig tail step-in post