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what is the price of this 100cc drench syringe?

the following is the 100cc drench syringe, the barrel is made of special materials, the measurement markings is embedded on the barrel.

this  100cc drench syringe is composed of the 100ml veterinary plastic steel syringe and the drenching tube, so the price is not expensive, besides, this 100cc drench syringe with the features of simple structure, unbreakable and reusable, specially used for veterinary epidemic prevention.

MOQ is 500 pieces,
price term is EX-Works (from LEVAH’s warehouse),
lead time is around 35 days.
For the price of the 100cc drench syringe, please drop us an email to, our team will send you the quotation promply, thank you!

100ml veterinary drenching gun
100ml veterinary drenching gun