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Single-side Intelligent constant temperature piglet automatic milk feeder with 7 nipples -MF724017


Automatic Piglet Milk Feeder.
single sides with 7 nipples.
without sound.
product size: 74*14.5*35cm
package size: 75*16*37cm.
net weight: 7kgs.
milk capacity: 6L
power: 120W
voltage: 220V


1. made of stainless steel.
2. automatic constant temperature heating
3. automatic milk mixing.
4. customzed nipple for piglet.
5. leak-proof nipple to prevent waste.
6. three-level leakage protection.
7. easy to operate.
8. used for milking and feed.


Instructure Manual:
1. unpack the carton and take out the machine.
2. brew the milk powder with water and pour into the milk box.
3. connect the power supply and switch on.
4. set up the temperature controller: the factory default setting: the heating start temperature on left side is 33℃ , the heating stop temperature on the right side is 35℃ , if the milk temperature is improper, you can adjust it, for example 33℃ ~35℃ , 35℃ ~37℃ , 38℃ ~40℃


Automatic Piglet Milk Feeder
Automatic Piglet Milk Feeder