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do you have the poultry vaccinators?

the following poultry vaccinators is  this is fixed 1ml self-refilling vaccinators, which are designed for vaccination of chicken or chicks in the hatchery or breeding farm, the poultry vaccinators are precision injection tools designed to deliver 0.1ml per dose of vaccine, antibiotic, etc. our poultry vaccinators are self-refilling with spring-loaded plunger and 3-way valve system, which are specially intended for mass vaccination of poultry.

the poultry vaccinators are with ergonomic handle provide comfort grip, easy of use, fatugue-free operation, the dose of the poultry vaccinators can be adjusted from 0.1ml to 1ml.

We supply the high quality poultry vaccinators, more information will be provided upon receipt of your inquiry via email. thank you!