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stainless steel sow trough is expensive?

the stainless steel sow trough can be made of stainless steel #201 or stainless steel #304, obviously, the stainless steel #304 is much better than the stainless steel #201, relatively, the cost of stainless steel #304 is higher.

LEVAH only supply the stainless steel sow trough made of stainless steel #304, which are ideal for use in farrowing pens. the stainless steel sow troughs from LEVAH are equally well-suited for dry feeding as well as for liquid feeding in all sections.

The features of the sow trough made of stainless steel #304:
1. with better anti-rust, solid and durable performance.
2. minimum feed waste, minimum risk for accumulation of feed remains.
3. inverted edges, the edges are rolled on the outside, heavy bend and closed edges, no weldings, no blind, no sharp edges.
4. smooth, easy handling, easy to wash, clean and sanitary.
5. Chinese style or Europe style for option, also customization is acceptable.