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Cow Pregnancy Test Paper -PT72401

Product Introduction:

Cow Pregnancy Test Paper, cattle cow pregnancy test strip
specification: 1 copy/board (individual packaging)
storage condition: store at room temperature and avoid light.
Detection theory: mainly to detect the progesterone content in the sow/cow, please follow the instruction strictly.


Best use date:
1. According to individual differences, estrus is generally 18-24 days after fertilization, and the test is generally started on the 18th day, and the test is continuously tested for 5 days.
If all the tests in 5 days show pregnancy, it means that the cow is pregnant. Enter ginseng management.
If one day it is detected that you are not pregnant, it means you are not pregnant and should be inseminated again.
2. On the 18th day after fertilization, start to observe whether there is estrus performance. If there is estrus performance, it can be detected. If it has not been, you need to be tested on the 24th day after fertilization.


1. High accuracy. Proved by a large number of experiments. Fast and accurate detection.
2. Easy to use. Simple operation process. Easy to read results.
3. Quick response. You can judge whether you are pregnant or not according to the results of the test.
4. Convenient to carry. Independent packaging. Convenient to carry. More flexible to use.


Instructions for use:
1: Take the test sample (both a and b can be tested, just choose one):
a. Urine (both pigs and cattle are suitable for use) morning urine is the best.
b. Milk (for cows only) Before taking milk, clean the cow’s nipple and deflate the milk three times before deflating.
Then collect the milk into the bottle, take 1ML and put it in the test tube. Place the centrifuge at 10000rpm for 10 minutes, the milk is divided into three layers, uUse habits to absorb the bottom milk.
2. Unpack the package and take out the test board and straw. Place the test board on the desktop and use the straw to suck the sample to be tested.
Put 3-4 drops into the round hole (S) of the test plate.

Observe the result after 03.5 minutes, you can see 1 or 2 red lines.


Critical Result:
1. Positive: Two red lines appear. that is, red lines appear in both the detection line (T) area and the control line (C) area, Indicates that you are pregnant
2. Negative: Only the red line appears at the control line (C), and there is no red line at the (T) position, indicating that there is no pregnancy.
3. Invalid: If the red line is not displayed in area (C), it means the test is invalid and needs to be tested.


1. one-time use, can not be reused.
2. after opening the package. use it immediately. don’t keep it in the air for too long. affect the test results.
3. when testing, do not drop too much sample.
4. do not touch the white film surface in the center of the detection board.