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the 30ml 50ml and 100ml dosing syringe with luer lock fitting

the dosing syringe is with a hard plastic handle, designed for one-hand operation,  the barrel is made by the durable plastic, which is extremely tough and holds up to drops and fall. the plastic barrel with clear black marking for each 1ml, dosage settings, which is clear and easy to read.

the dosing syringe is with the stainless steel nozzle,  the nozzle can be replaced with the veterinary needles for injection.

there are 30ml dosing syringe, 50ml dosing syringe and 100ml dosing syringe, please see the following picture. the 100ml dosing syringe is suitable for cattle, the 50ml dosing syringe is suitable for lamb, and the 30ml dosing syringe is suitable for smaller animals, such as sheep.