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what kind of heat lamp bulb for chicks do you need?

the R40 heat lamp, PAR38 heat lamp and BR38 heat lamp are all suitable for chicks. these bulbs are designed to provide enough heat for chicks, the red bulb can help disguise blood to keep the injured chicks from attack by the other poultry.

the heat lamp bulb for chicks is simple to use for poultry breeding, just screw the bulb into the lamp holder and turn the power on, the heat lamp bulb will work for 5000 hours average life without stop.

Normally, use the 100w heat lamp for small brooders and 250w heat lamp for large brooders, the 250w heat lamp is easy to overheat chicks,  the overheated chicks are easily die, so be carefully wen you use the 250 watt heat lamp for chicks.  so the reliable heat lamp to keep the right temperature is the most import factor for keeping chicks healthy and safe.